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Just another affair...

Buffy was sat on her bed, homework spread out in front of her but there was no way she could concentrate. Her mind kept straying back to that night...with Xander. She covered her face with her hands and sighed.

What would everyone say if they found out? And what about-what about Angel, and Cordelia? She felt so guilty she was physically ill. But she couldn't tell Angel, not ever. All she could do was swear to herself that it would never happen again. Ever.
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Xander knocked on Buffy's bedroom door, guilty as charged. He knew the should talk about what happened, but he just couldn't get her out of his mind, there was something there... Something. Or he hoped.
Buffy looked up, blinking. "Come in," she called out, expecting it to be her mom. She'd been too lost in her thoughts to notice the doorbell ring.
"Hey... Buff."

Xander stepped into her room, "It's me."
Buffy's eyes widened a bit when she saw Xander but she quickly looked back down at her homework, trying to act as if nothing's out of the ordinary. "Hey, Xand."
"So... How are you?" He asks uncomfortably.
Buffy shrugged, looking up at him through her lashes. "Peachy. You?"
"Good... you know me... the Xand-man."
"Yep," Buffy agreed, even though she wasn't sure what she was agreeing to. "You um...want to sit down?" She moved some books around to make room for Xander on the bed. Xander on the bed. Do -not- go there, Summers.
Xander nodded to her, "Thanks." he said softly, sitting on the bed next to her, "Are things weird? They got really weird, didn't they?" he asked.
Buffy's gaze fixed on the bedcovers. "To put it mildly," she replied. Then she sighed, "I guess...I never thought I'd go..there. With you." She glanced up at him. "Y'know? Plus there's Cordelia, and-" She meant to say 'And Angel' but she wasn't sure Xander would understand. After all, she and Angel were no longer a couple. "And stuff," she finished lamely.
"Are you regretting?" Xander asked her, feeling his ego lower a couple knots. He put his hand over her's affectionately.